Aerial Photography And Video Services

Real Estate

Real Estate sales are increasing and we are helping sell properties by using a drone to shoot sumptuous aerial movies or photographs. Showing your property in this unique way through aerial full motion video elevates your listing from other property listings. Our aerial drone photography platform takes high quality high definition pictures of real estate properties

Aerial Real Estate Video

For customers that want to see their properties from the air our aerial video complimentary aerial video services are guaranteed to catch all of the action. All video is shot in high definition 1080p and up to 4K. Depending on surrounding obstructions such as trees, power lines, and other overhead obstacles each aerial videos can be taken anywhere from 20 feet up to as high as 300 feet off the ground.

Aerial Commercial Real Estate Photography

We specialize in aerial commercial real estate photography. We can take aerial commercial real estate pictures for property owners, listing agents, and marketing brochures.  We can take up close and personal aerial footage ensuring the signage is center frame or we can head higher to encompass the entire city block for sweeping full frame views of the surrounding businesses.

Aerial Commercial Real Estate Video

We also offer aerial commercial real estate video. We can help you showcase your industrial or commercial real estate facilities from the air by creating a very personal tour that will show your stakeholders everything your company has to offer.


We fly at many types of outdoor and special events such as concerts, festivals, weddings, car dealerships and more.

Aerial Inspection Photography

We also offer aerial photography inspection services.  We can assist adjusters initially evaluate property damages quickly without the use of a crane, scaffolding or helicopter. With a live feed from the drones camera to a display, inspections can be safer, faster and less costly. Make inspections a little less daunting Consider our services for rooftop inspections, lightning damage, solar panel damage inspection, flare stack inspections, new construction builds,  farmland, and more.

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